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Duplicator i3Plus
1.How to Flash the firmware to LCD display and Motherboard?
V3.0 Instruction
1. New UI design.
2. More friendly to user.
3. Guidance 4 point leveling.
4. Some new function.
      V3.0 flashing Video 
V.2.1 instruction
Instruction  .rev.D      Video Instruction 
 Note: V2.1.1 fix the stop and resume printing bug.
 LCD_FirmwareV2.1.7 Download  I3_plus_V2.1.7.hex
 Note: V2.1.7 add the 4 point level and load and unload function.
 LCD_FirmwareV2.1.7 Download  I3_plus_V2.1.8.hex
 Note: V2.1.8 Fix the X axis home issue.

If the LCD display flashing failed for several times. Please try to formatting the LCD board first, then re-flash the board.

   1.1How to format the LCD display board?

    LCD_display_formating_firmware down load 

2.How is i3plus printing?


3.Wanhao Duplicator i3plus adding rubber feet?


4.How to fix WANHAO i3plus extruder jam?


5.Wanhao Duplicator i3PLUS 3D Printer!! Unboxing & First Impressions.

6.Recall on Wanhao Duplicator i3plus. How to insulate the heating bed and spring?

 Instruction  Recall Video

7.How to add i3plus insulate bushing(6*12*1mm)?

8.How to level i3plus heating bed?


9.How to set up i3plus?


10.What is difference between i3plus and i3v2.1?



11.What is  review from a third party?