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The i3 has honored No. 1 for the trending printers this month in 3DHubs


Dear 3D Printfan,

Dear 3D Printfan,

We've just announced 3D Hubs HD, adding industrial-grade 3D printing services to our platform. Following the existing 3D Hubs model of distributed desktop 3D printing there are now 37 industrial printing locations around the globe. Browse the interactive map here: 

Getting down to the regular categories, the Duplicator I3 is the most trending printer this month, while the Micro3D and Ultimaker 2 Extended are still in the top 3 for 3 consecutive months. 

The Form 1+ is also back at #5. With the release of the Form 2 and incoming price reduction for the Form 1+, Formlabs is likely to fill a couple of spots among the trending printers in the coming months. 

The fastest growing city of October is Paris, with a strong 13.4% MoM growth. 

Hope you'll enjoy the new report and - as always - we'd love to hear your thoughts!