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Duplicator 9

CURA 2 Dropbox Download. Click to download. 


Windows                       OS

We're excited to announce the collaboration between WANHAO and MYMINIFACTORY, featuring an updated CURA 2 with direct MODEL download and print, more slicing options, and better print quality than ever before. Beginner users are encouraged to continue to use the original Cura WANHAO Edition.

D9/300 Firmware dropbox download. 

Important Notice:  improper Firmware upgrading may cause brick the motherboard or screen.  We would charge the service and shipping cost USD30,  if customer want WANHAO to send the flashed micro SD card to recover the machine.

How to Flash the firmware to LCD display and Motherboard?

 Please contact our support to purchase one MicroSD card with file inside. Or you can download the following 2 files and flash LCD by LCD firmware, flash motherboard by HEX file.

V0.15 Noteincrease the leveling 6 point to 24 pints.

  D9/300-LCD-firmware-V0.15      D9/300_printer_firmware_v0.15

V0.161Note:  Add one calibrate procedure to restore the 0 for Z axis in leveling.


  D9/300-LCD-firmware-V0.161     D9/300_printer_firmware_v0.61


   Installation Guidance   Video Guidance

       Leveling Guidance   Video