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wanhao duplicator 7 software download

 1. Duplicator 7/ plus software 


Creation Workshop1.0 download



 2.  In case your computer can not find the Printer USB port, Please install the following driver for USB port.

         USB driver


3. Wanhao D7 firmware.  Please download and install through CURA.

       D7.1.0.1.hex  This is firmware for D7 Version 1.0(Only one UVcooling fan)

      D7.1.0.2.hex This is firmware for D7 Version 1.2/1.3/1.4( OneUV fan and one case cooling fan)

          Cura 16.021 Download

          3.1. Connec the printer with your PC. The installation wizard would install the driver automatically.

           3.2. Navigate to Machine--INSTALL CUSTOM FIRMWARE


              3.3. Select the firmware which you have download from our website. Then press OK.


4. If you need to use any other software such as Nano DLP, please download and install the firmware of NanoDLP.

            NanoDLP1.0.1.hex  ( for V1.1 and V1.2)

                We have embedded the NanoDLP firmware in stock firmware for V1.3 and V1.4.

                Note: The installation procedure is the same to install Wanhao firmware, check item No.3